Funk Off Odor Neutralizer

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When you sit inside your ride, do you suffer from stank face? If so, you'll definitely be needing our Funk Off odor neutralizer! Funk Off is an advanced formula designed specifically to attack odor causing molecules and eliminate them on contact. Now take a deep breath and enjoy your fresh smelling, de-funked interior.

FEATURES: Fresh car scent, Kills microbes, Advances formula. 

    WHAT'S IN THE BOX? (1) Funk Off Odor Neutralizer 16OZ bottle.

      DIRECTIONS: Mist on carpet, fabric, under seats and trunk until slightly damp. Allow to air dry and wipe away any over spray on panels or trim pieces. Set max A/C, spray small amount at re-circulation intake vent and allow Funk Off to circulate through vents. (Re-circulation intake vent is typically located under glove box)

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