Our Story

We created KryptoCoat for one reason and one reason only: To bring you the most creative collection of premium car care products the world has ever seen. 

Let's talk more about us! We are based out of Texas (yes, it's hot here. No, we don't ride horses to work). Our company specializes in high quality premium car care products that are made by real detailing enthusiasts for real detailing enthusiasts. They look, sound, work and are priced just great. A little throwback to how we got here. It all started when our founder decided to name one of our products Slicky Slick; funny, right? Well, he was being serious and he went through on it. It didn't stop there, he got out of control and decided that all of our products needed a hint of comedy and creativity. So here we are. Unlike the other big brands, we are not going to over design or over charge. That is just not how we roll! Enough about products, let's discuss other things. When it comes to customer service, we promise to provide nothing short of the best. We've built KryptoCoat to reflect our passions and values: affinity for simple design, appreciation of well-made products and a belief that companies should help to make the world a better place. Our team is fueled by a passion for shine and attention to detail. We welcome any and all who share the same passion to become part of the KryptoCoat family.