Slicky Slick Quick Detailer 2-Pack

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Slicky Slick quick detailer is a top of the line quick detailer that produces extreme slickness and a deep wet shine. Its high-lubricity formula encapsulates dust particles and enhances deep luster. In just minutes, you'll have a shimmering gloss that will turn heads. Slicky Slick is perfectly safe for all paint finishes.

FEATURES: Quick detailer and slick clay lube, Extremely gentle formula will not strip wax, sealant, or coatings, Works great on any color paint, Enhanced shine, and versatility, Streak-free in any climate, Amazing cherry scent.

    WHAT'S IN THE BOX? (2) Slicky Slick 16 oz bottle

    DIRECTIONS: (When using in very hot direct sunlight mist on towel, not surface - this will eliminate a hot surface from drying the product before you touch it with a towel.) Mist on surface. Use a microfiber towel to wipe off gently. Enjoy the smooth shine!